Vladimiro "MIRO" Afonso

Owner of BPT Jersey and Head Coach of Jersey’s MMA team
2nd degree BJJ Blackbelt and former professional MMA fighter, Miro leads the coaching for the local MMA competitors appearing on Rumble on the Rock

Michael "Mikey" Cañas

BJJ Brownbelt and MMA fighter.
Mikey instructs local MMA and BJJ, and shares coaching duties with Eddie for the White Collar camp, with his focus being more on striking and ground ‘n’ pound.

Mikey is also a personal trainer and helps with private coaching and nutritional guidance for local fighters, especially with weight cuts.

Eduardo "Eddie" Afonso

Co-owner of BPT Jersey and BJJ instructor.
A BJJ Blackbelt and active competitor also, Eddie instructs the White Collar combatants for Rumble on the Rock and leads the jiu jitsu aspect of their training.

Andrew "TOPO" Toporis

Topo is a no gi jiu jitsu ninja and the old guard of Jersey MMA.
A black belt in BJJ and a former world champion in sport jiu jistu, Topo has been there, done it and now teaches the new breed how to twist legs and crank necks. He also holds 2 NAGA championship belts and is still actively competing on the no gi circuit.